Do I need a referral from my doctor?

Physiotherapy is a primary care health profession so no referral is necessary to participate in physiotherapy treatment. However, patients are advised to check the details of their extended health benefits as some plans may require a physician’s referral in order to get treatment costs reimbursed.


What should I bring/wear to my appointment?

We recommend wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing: Shorts, t-shirt, tank tops and sports bras are sufficient. Bring any test reports, physician referrals, or medical documentation if necessary.


Do you accept extended health insurance?

We are registered to directly bill online with most insurance companies. Please note, individual plans may vary. Bring your insurance information with you and we can help determine if your plan is eligible for direct billing. If we are unable to bill directly, we will provide you with an official receipt at the end of each appointment and can help you with the claims process.


What will my appointments look like?

At your initial visit, your physiotherapist will interview you followed by a thorough evaluation. This will be directly followed by treatment so you can immediately benefit from your experience. Treatment can vary depending on the type of injury that you are presenting with. It may involve education on your injury and how to optimize recovery, manual therapy (hands-on treatment), modalities (e.g. ultrasound treatment, TENS), and an exercise program.


How long are the appointments?

Your initial assessment is one-on-one with your therapist and lasts approximately 60 minutes. Additional treatment appointments will consist of one-on-one treatment sessions with your therapist lasting approximately 30 minutes.


How many visits will I need?

Everyone is different and treatment plans will vary. You may need only a few visits or you may need weeks or months of care. It depends on your injury, the severity of your symptoms, your past medical history, etc. At the completion of your first visit your therapist will be able to better determine the number and frequency of visits needed.